Spring Lawn Maintenance

Spring is a time of peak growth for your lawn. This is when new spring
shoots burst forth, forming the basis for a thick, healthy lawn as we head
into the warmer months. At this time of year, your lawn needs plenty of
sunlight for photosynthesis, and the right nutrient and moisture levels to
support growth.

Let in the light

Vigorously rake your lawn to remove leaves or other debris that may
stop the sunlight from reaching your lawn. It is also important that you
rake to uproot any brown or dead grass – also known as ‘thatch’ – to
allow for light to reach the new spring shoots so they can emerge

Feed your lawn

Apply a slow release fertilizer to help with your lawn’s growth and health
, particularly in spring with the emergence of new shoots. Your spring
lawn needs moisture. Remember to keep up the morning water
schedule and your lawn will flourish moving into the hot
Australian summer.

Oversow with Rake & Shake

In cool climate regions, such as Victoria, South Australia and
Tasmania, overseed your lawn in spring to rejuvenate it after
the cold winter months, repairing bare patches, reducing
the risk of weeds taking hold, and creating a strong,
healthy lawn for summer.

Rake & Shake is ideal for oversowing and
is available from Coles supermarkets.