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Reggae Fine Leaf Perennial


  • Dark green with fine leaves.
  • Low leaf shredding
  • Good disease resistance
  • Excellent sward density
  • Ideal for over seeding

Valley Seeds’ plant breeders have made a successful reselection from Calypso II, selecting for colour, heat tolerance and density.

Microsoft Word - REGGAE Fine Leaf Perennial 130207

The sowing rate for Reggae fine leaf ryegrass:
Microsoft Word - REGGAE Fine Leaf Perennial 130207

Features of Reggae fine leaf perennial ryegrass

Reggae fine leaf perennial ryegrass offers the following fewatures
provides excellent dark green colour during winter and spring.

  • ideal for overseeding warm season sports playing surfaces such as couch and kikuyu.
  • establishes quickly at the recommended sowing rate (see below) and provides quick cover over warm season grasses as they go dormant over winter.
  • low incidence of leaf shredding, important for high profile Rugby League, Rugby Union and Australian rules stadiums and playing fields.
  • good disease resistance compared to most common sports grass experienced by professional turf curators.
  • demonstrates good sward density due to its high leaf to stem ratio. This provides good wear resistance during winter/spring.

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