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Top price for weaners?

Valley Seeds AAA program for early, mid and late pasture management

Valley Seeds Agronomist: Sam Wright

Grower focus

Ross Armstrong of Armstrong Evergreen Herefords


Ross Armstrong wanted the best return at January weaner sales for 150 early hard weaned calves.


Ross had three 8-9 hectare (20 acre) paddocks. He required good winter feed for 150 autumn calving cows with calves as well as a paddock for silage (early heading), a paddock for silage and/or hay (mid heading), and a later heading paddock for the yard weaned calves.


Careful selection of grass varieties to match feed requirements at weaning and good management of the Triple AAA program enabled the farmer to provide good grazing through winter and spring as well as quality silage and hay.

He achieved the best return per kg across Victorian weaner sales in the month of January for a pen of British breed calves.

Early, Mid and Late Heading

  • Individual ryegrass varieties are bred to reach their ultimate yields for maximum feed value at different stages.

  • Heading dates for the three varieties used at Armstrong Evergreen Herefords were approximately 2-3 weeks apart.

  • Italians produce feed later in the season than an annual so Astound provided feed first, followed by Finefeed and then Amass.

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