Phil Williams

Regional Business Manager

Phil brings decades of pasture and seed experience to Valley Seeds customers. A qualified Agronomist, his knowledge of dairy pasture improvement, forage crops, corn and silage is outstanding, and Phil is passionate about helping growers get the best results for their particular environment.

Phil has also owned a prime lamb and wool enterprise, implemented complex agronomic programs in different environments, worked as a senior agronomist as well as in irrigation for the dairy industry.

His huge experience also took Phil to South America where, using modern agronomics, he educated and trained Nicaraguan farmers in different ag practices. This had a measurable impact on the growers’ productivity, and long-term positive effects across the community, something Phil’s particularly proud of.

“Getting the right pasture selection, variety and mix makes a huge difference in overall performance, growth and return on a grower’s investment. Talking to farmers and being a key part of the advice and decision process means everything to me.”