Nicole Steward

    Customer Service

    Nicole Steward works out of the Valley Seeds Yarck office and is one of the friendly staff responsible for answering the phone.

    As an administrative assistant, her work also extends into processing orders, arranging transport and maintaining databases, and at this time of year, dozens of other tasks that come up during any given day in the office.

    This is Nicole’s first job in an agricultural company but she is no stranger to a busy schedules. Starting in January means that she has been learning her job at our busiest time of year!

    Luckily for us, Nicole thrives in a busy environment, saying “I’ve always been able to handle a large workload. I’m used to working under pressure to get a lot done.”

    Nicole says that of all the things she’s learned, the one that has surprised her most is the different plants that can exist even in a single paddock.

    “I never really looked at pasture this way before. All the different varieties; all the different decisions that get made. Every paddock can be different from the next one.”

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