Research and Development

Innovative solutions for changing conditions

Researched in Australia, developed for Australia.

Valley Seeds is one of our nation’s largest commercial plant breeders.

Finding answers to farmers’ questions is what the agronomy team does best.

Significant capital investment into the R&D program means there is a continual, constant commitment to finding new and unique ways to breed, trial, and test the very best pasture for Australian farmers.

From breeding in alternative species to working with F1 hybrids, the Valley Seeds team is constantly searching for and discovering new ways to accelerate pasture production. The team works across two major Victorian research facilities in Yarck and Yambuk.

The team’s current focus is on:

  • Generating unique interspecific crosses
  • Improving the establishment of deep-rooted perennials in year 1
  • Designing methods to enhance the emergence vigour of annuals and Italians

Meet our R&D team below and find out more about our new products here.

Research, Development & Production

Tariq Gerardi

Central Eastern VIC

Regional Business Manager & Technical Development Lead