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Rake and shake this winter for a great summer lawn

The new Valley Seeds blend is now available in Coles supermarkets. It contains Valley Seeds variety RT ryegrass which produces 133% more roots in the first 65 days! This means it is fast to establish which helps achieve an extremely hard wearing surface.

You can also talk to your Area Sales Manager for specialty turf options to assist councils and sports grounds

Step 1. Mow the area to a low height and rake off any surplus grass.

Step 2. Rake over the area using a steel rake or heavy plastic rake, enough to create some loose soil

Step 3. Spread a lawn starter fertiliser at the recommended rate.

Step 4. Spread seed evenly by opening the tabs on the top of the box and simply shaking it. Spread 1kg evenly over 60 square metres, e.g. 7.5 x 8 m = 60m2.

Step 5. Rake over again to incorporate seed and fertiliser with some loose soil.

Step 6. Keep the area continuously moist with a light gentle application of water until complete  germination is achieved. In warm conditions, gentle watering may be required several times per day.

Valley Seeds lawn & turf specialist

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