Amazing Quickfeed

Ryegrass & Clover Blends, V-Series Blends
Amazon T - Annual Ryegrass
Achieve - Italian Ryegrass

Amazing Quick Feed blend is a blend of Amazon T Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass and Achieve Diploid Italian Ryegrass. It has strong rust resistance, great for grazing and beautiful quality hay and silage. It’s a great option for over-sowing into Setaria and Kikuyu and degraded flood affected pastures.


  • Combines improved winter activity plus late season maturity to boost total feed production.
  • Improved heat tolerance, can be sown early in Autumn
  • Makes excellent Hay or Silage
  • Excellent option for oversowing into degraded flood affected perennial pastures or oversowing into Setaria and Kikuyu
  • Strong rust resistance
  • Suitable for livestock: Beef, Sheep & Dairy.

Sowing Rate: 25kg/Ha
(1 bag = 1 hectare)

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