Amplify Allrounder

Deep Rooted Perennial, V-Series Blends
Amplify Phalaris
Valley Sub Clover Blend

    Amplify Allrounder is a premium perennial blend of Amplify Phalaris and mid maturity sub clovers suitable for 450 mm and above rainfall areas. Where other grasses struggle in wet, acidic conditions, Amplify Phalaris offers high yield with sub clovers to increase feed quality.


    • Low Alkaloids.
    • High autumn and high winter forage yields, providing quality and quantity when you need it.
    • Improved seedling vigour and establishment.
    • Suitable for Livestock: Beef & Sheep

    Sowing Rate: 12.5kg / ha
    (1 bag = 2 hectares)

    Purchase a minimum of 20 bags of 25kg Amplify Allrounder before 15 February, 2023 and receive $400 Cash Back. Every bag thereafter receive a further $20 per bag. *Terms & Conditions apply. Learn more.

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