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Forage Crops, Forage Cereals

    Ezigraze forage oat is a highly tillered spring x winter oat. It can be sown early in the season without the concern of going to head. The grazing management is similar to that of ryegrass and can be grazed multiple times throughout the season due to good grazing recovery.

    Agronomy Guidelines
    Paddock preparationsCan be direct drilled or sown into cultivated seedbed. Cultivate seed bed if ground is uneven.
    Sowing depthDeep (30-60mm), depth can very according to moisture availability.
    Weed controlA weed free seedbed allows for better establishment results. The use of herbicides prior to sowing can alleviate competition from weeds. Speak to your local agronomist for herbicide recommendations.
    Fertilizer The use of fertiliser at sowing will improve the establishment and yield of the stand.
    Grazing management Oats should not be grazed until adequately anchored (cannot not be pulled out easily). Begin grazing at a height of 15cm down to 5cm. Suited to both rotational grazing or set stocking. Where set stocking, attention must be paid to stocking rate to allow recovery and re-growth of oats.

    Amass, Ezigraze

    I'm very happy with my custom mix of Ezigraze Oats, Amass Italian ryegrass, vetch and Shaftal clover.

    - Adrian Rowe, Acheron

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