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Hobson rape forage brassica is an ideal summer forage option. However, it can also be sown in autumn for quality winter feed. Hobson rape is a suitable crop to use during a pasture renovation. With good resistance to powdery mildew and aphids, as well as quick grazing recovery. Hobson rape is a great option in the warmer months. It is more palatable than hybrid brassica types, allowing for greater utilisation. Essential for variable climates such as dry summers and poor autumn breaks.

Suitable for sheep, beef and dairy.

Agronomy Guidelines
Paddock preparationsBest sown into a cultivated seedbed but can be direct drilled. Use a roller for improved seed-soil contact.
Sowing depthShallow, 5-10mm. No deeper than 20mm.
Weed controlA weed free seedbed allows for better establishment results. The use of herbicides prior to sowing can alleviate competition from weeds. Speak to your local agronomist for herbicide recommendations.
Fertilizer The use of fertiliser at sowing will improve the establishment and yield of the stand.
Grazing management Grazing can begin after the maturity period has passed (12 weeks after sowing). Hobson is suited to both set stocking or strip grazing. Be aware of animal health issues when introducing livestock to the crop. Ensure slow introduction to allow the rumen to adjust to the highly digestible feed.

Finefeed, Hobson

At 10 weeks we were knee-deep in great feed for our dairy cattle

- Chris Hunter

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