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Prolong Perennial Ryegrass

Suits hot, humid conditions

  • Persistent in humid sub-tropical conditions
  • Kangaroo Valley NZ perennial ryegrass cross
  • Productive, quality herbage

Prolong has been bred in Australia from a cross of Australian and New Zealand material, giving it productivity and exceptional heat tolerance.

Prolong perennial ryegrass is the first Australian-bred perennial ryegrass developed for the irrigated and sub-tropical diary and beef zones. Suited to hot, humid conditions or irrigation, Prolong exhibits good persistence where other varieties suffer under heat stress.

Prolong produces quality herbage through spring and summer periods with persistence comparable to Tall Fescue.

Technical information

graph of Prolong trial KyabramProlong has been bred in Australia from a cross of Australian and New Zealand material, giving it the production of the New Zealand bred varieties with the environmental tolerance of the Australian varieties.

Prolong is ideally suited to the irrigated or high rainfall dairy regions of Australia. Many of these areas have seen perennial ryegrass persisting for little more than short term ryegrasses. The main reason for this is their inability to withstand heat and humidity.

Trials undertaken at Kyogle (NSW) in 1997 have shown Prolong to be as persistent or significantly more persistent than a number of other commercially available varieties (including prairie grass and tall fescue). An extensive national trial program has been conducted showing significant benefits in production compared to some of the leading ryegrass varieties available.

These trial sites include Kyabram, Maffra and Heywood in Victoria, Taree in New South Wales and Cressy in Tasmania. Prolong has a heading date (4th September + 45 days) suited to quality late spring and summer herbage production.

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