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Platinum Perennial Ryegrass


Exceptional yields in high rainfall and irrigated areas

Key features

For Pasture

  • Very Late flowering with excellent winter growth
  • Ideal for high productive dairy and beef pastures
  • Densely tillered and tolerant of continues grazing
  • Low endophyte

Breeding and Performance

Platinum Perennial Ryegrass (Trial code CM501) is the latest breeding breakthrough combining late season production (21days+) with exceptional winter growth.

Bred by Dr. Nick Cameron – Crop Mark Seeds as an exclusive variety for Valley Seed’s, Platinum delivers an unusual combination of high winter spring and summer production as well as excellent herbage persistence in a low endophyte variety. Platinum is another example from Valley Seeds where successful breeding with the right persistence genetics eliminates the need for endophyte in most Australian conditions. Farmer scale demonstrations with Platinum have proven that the presence of endophyte is not essential for persistence with the right genetics.

Breeding selection included screening for disease resistance, improved yield, and high tiller density. Platinum is a very dense diploid perennial which is late flowering with herbage yields ahead of most other varieties. Its high winter herbage yield sets the pasture up for spring, especially if cool wet conditions persist into early spring.

Platinum perennial ryegrass has been trialed numerous locations in Australian including Finley NSW, Ecklin and Sale in Victoria. The following data is from trial work conducted by Cropmark in Australia where the results demonstrate Platinum’s breeding excellence in the field.

Low Endophyte – Endophyte is the cause of ryegrass staggers producing production losses due to clinical and sub-clinical effects of endophyte.


Microsoft Word - Tech sheet - Platinum 2

Microsoft Word - Tech sheet - Platinum 2