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Caretaker Perennial Ryegrass

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Caretaker is a grass for all seasons with amazing winter growth and heat tolerance

  • Developed from high yielding New Zealand germplasm that is adapted to the Australian environment
  • Caretaker delivers an advantageous combination of high winter, spring and summer production as well as excellent persistence in a nil/low endophyte variety
  • Bred for disease resistance, improved yield, and high tiller density
  • Highly dense diploid perennial which is mid-to-late flowering with dry matter yields ahead of most other varieties
  • Festulolium x ryegrass background breeding allows for strong winter herbage production
  • High tiller density makes it extremely persistent after heavy grazing

Dry matter yield data

Caretaker Tech Sheet graph1

Graph 1: 2017 Annual Dry Matter Yields, Yambuk Perennial Ryegrass Trial, VIC 2017.

Caretaker Tech Sheet graph 2

Graph 2: Seasonal Dry Matter Yields Over 3 Years, Perennial Ryegrass Trial, Yarck, VIC 2013-2015.


Diploid perennial

Excellent winter production

Fine tillering to increase grazing

Quality forage into late summer

Ideal for high production dairy and beef pastures

Tolerates heavy grazing once established

Mid-late heading

Rainfall 600mm+ or irrigation

Sow in autumn or spring if conditions are suitable

Sowing rate 20-25kg/ha

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