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Cantina Perennial Ryegrass

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Cantina is a long rotation ryegrass with excellent persistence

  • High-yielding plants were selected from a 15-year-old perennial ryegrass¬†pasture in South Gippsland
  • Background breeding contains New Zealand and Spanish germplasm for higher winter production
  • Where summer rainfall occurs, hybrid breeding also enables improved summer growth
  • New persistent, late heading perennial ryegarass.


Handy Tip: Cantina contains wild type endophyte. Use as a component in a pasture blend. Avoid grazing too low, when seed heads are present or when stressed in autumn. Ensure hay is baled at correct moisture content.

Dry matter yield data


Graph 1: Spring Yield Data, Perennial Ryegrass Trial, Yarck, VIC 2019.


Graph 2: Total Spring Yields, Perennial Ryegrass Trial, Yarck, VIC 2019.


Tetraploid hybrid

Long rotation ryegrass

Strong persistence

High feed quality

High yielding

Late heading

Rainfall 700mm+ or irrigation

Suited to medium to high fertility soils

Sow in autumn or spring if conditions are suitable

Sowing rate 20-30kg/ha

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