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Boomer Perennial Ryegrass

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VALLEY SEEDS Boomer Tech Sheet.pdf
VALLEY SEEDS Boomer Tech Sheet.pdf

Boomer has outstanding winter growth with genetics that have been adapted to Australian conditions for over 100 years

  • Bred and grown in Australia
  • Bred from a range of Australian ecotypes, at Cathkin in Victoria. Selections were made to maximise seedling growth, winter growth and rust resistance
  • Ideally suited to beef, sheep and dryland dairy systems
  • Breeding has shifted the production of Boomer from the spring period back into late winter, where feed may be more valuable than in spring
  • Nil endophyte means that ryegrass staggers or production losses due to the subclinical effects of endophyte are eliminated
  • Earliest heading perennial ryegrass on the market. This makes it ideal for early finishing systems

Dry matter yield data

VALLEY SEEDS Boomer Tech Sheet
Graph 1: Third Year Ryegrass Trial Total Winter Dry Matter Yield, Tasmania 2013.
VALLEY SEEDS Boomer Tech Sheet
Graph 2: Forage Perennial Ryegrass Dry Matter Yields, Glen Innes NSW, 2009.
VALLEY SEEDS Boomer Tech Sheet
Graph 3: Winter Dry Matter Yields and Clover Production, Casino NSW, 2007.


Kangaroo Valley type

Outstanding winter growth

Diploid perennial ryegrass regenerates well from self-sown seed

High heat tolerance

Promotes clover growth

Suitable for a mix with late flooring varieties

Outstanding winter production

Very early heading date

Rainfall 600mm+

Sowing rate 20-25kg/ha

Australian bred and grown

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