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Valley Seeds is going virtual in 2020.

Join us on 4 & 5 November for webinars and information videos to help you get the most out of pasture on your farm. We’ll cover topics such as perennial pasture management, how to plan with unpredictable autumn breaks, choosing the right ryegrass (annuals, Italians and perennials) as well as information on new Valley Seeds varieties that thrive in Australian conditions.


These webinars will include around 20 minutes of presentations from an expert panel, followed by the opportunity ask questions and specific advice for your farm.

Practical insights to help with choosing the right variety, effectively managing pests and weeds, and grazing management to optimise feed. Discussion will cover a range of varieties including ryegrass, forage brassicas, lucerne and more.

Perennials, once established, offer some excellent benefits. However, perennials can be slow to establish. In this webinar a panel of experts offers insights and practical advice for pasture planning and management so you can reap all the benefits of perennial pasture.

short videos

These short videos will be available from 4 November.

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It can take up to 15 years to develop a new perennial ryegrass variety and 7 or 8 years to produce an annual variety. In this video we share the process, from crossing, through selection and multiplication, quality assurance until we’re able to bag and deliver a new Valley Seeds ryegrass.

In the face of an increasingly variable climate, we see autumn breaks coming late, early or not at all. It’s still possible to plan for success, so that you’re ready for whatever the autumn break looks like. In this video we talk about pasture planning to help you get the most of this important time of year – whatever it looks like.

Annual, Italian and Perennial ryegrass all have their own benefits and considerations. Working together they can provide a year-round solution that keeps feed up to your livestock and produces excellent silage and hay at the end of the season. Growing your own pasture will always be more cost effective than buying in feed. This video shows you how to get the most from what you have by choosing the right varieties to achieve your pasture and livestock goals.

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