V74 LUCERNE: the best winter active hay you’ll ever producE!

V74 is the quiet achiever making big news in the Australian lucerne market. Our new high-quality winter active 7 variety has an improved leaf-to-stem ratio, and growers tell us they’re very happy with this high-achieving pasture seed.

In autumn 2023 prominent Cowra farmer and manufacturer Peter Boyd put in 80 hectares of V74 and says he’s impressed with the results.

“It has a thinner stem and good stem-to-leaf ratio and holds its colour and the bottom leaf. We’re very happy with the quantity and quality of the cuts and it does seem to yield very well…and yield is king!”

Peter’s decision to put in a large volume of V74 was based on the advice of Valley Seeds’ Regional Business Manager (Central & Southern NSW) & agronomist, Andrew ‘Boots’ Harborne.

Andrew explains that the high-quality hay grows like a winter active 7 while keeping its high leaf-to-stem ratio and yield. “It’s fine stemmed with a good stem-to-leaf ratio, so V74 presents more like a semi-winter dormant variety, not winter active 7”.

V74 also has excellent resistance against key insect pests (Spotted Alfalfa Aphid and Blue Green Aphid) and Phytophthora root rot, and displays high germination rates. Peter reports “We’ve had very good germination with 200 plants per sq metre and it’s most important this happens up front. Because it’s been wet, we’ve had a lot of bugs but the plants have been resistant which is great”.

Peter and Anne-Maree Boyd and sons Lachlan and Shannon farm top-quality sheep and hay for the discerning feed market on Canimbla farm in NSW’s high-production Lachlan Valley. The family also owns and runs Boyd Metal Works the iconic 100% Australian manufacturer of top-quality grain, lick and hay feeders.

Andrew says that Peter’s excellent farm management gives his pasture a head start “Pete knows the better the quality, the higher the return. He gets the soil prepared just right before sowing and does a soil nutrient audit and then conditions it with lime and gypsum, and reintroduces organics with chicken manure”.

Peter says that lucerne works well between two cereal crops and is great for winter clean-up grazing. “We’ll put stock on it and then lock it up in early September to grow into summer. It’s February and we’re onto our fourth cut already and I reckon we’ll get another two cuts before the end of the season”.

So, would Peter put V74 in again? “I’d definitely sow it again, if I find a variety I like, I’ll stick with it. And I’m happy with V74!” Read V74’s technical specs HERE and your regional business manager will be happy to give you more details, so please reach out to them directly.


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