The FineFeed Advantage – Peter boyd (Canimbla farm)

Photo: Harvesting Finefeed at Canimbla Farm
Photo credit: Jadan Group

When a serious leader in the ag industry says your ryegrass is the best he’s ever grown, you know you’re doing something right.

In Autumn, on the advice of Valley Seeds Central Business Manager Andrew ‘Boots’ Harborne, successful Cowra farmer and manufacturer Peter Boyd put in 50 hectares of Valley Seeds Finefeed diploid annual ryegrass. And after just one season in the ground, he’s more than impressed with the quality and options the pasture presented.

“Pete reckons Valley’s Finefeed’s the best ryegrass he’s ever grown! He looks for varieties that give results and is very targeted and performance driven, so Finefeed was an obvious fit.” Boots explains. “He wanted high quality rye grazing for lambs in the cooler part of the year, something that tolerates hard grazing and is leafier for longer. He weighs his lambs every day during their growing period, so he can measure the effectiveness of what they’re eating.”

Peter and Anne-Maree Boyd and sons Lachlan and Shannon have farmed top quality sheep and hay on Canimbla farm in NSW’s high production Lachlan Valley. The family also owns and runs Boyd Metal Works the iconic 100% Australian manufacturer of top-quality grain, lick and hay feeders.

“There’s a genuine family focus on the farm, everyone’s very hands on and love talking about how to make technology work. They manage all aspects of their land incredibly well – building soil quality, sowing with checks and guidelines, always looking at balance. The Boyds are in it for the long term and their timing is absolutely right. We’re really happy Valley Seeds can play a part in their success.”

As well as producing superior pasture for his lambs, Boyd wanted to lock up paddocks and grow high quality hay for his discerning equine market customers. Valley Seeds’ Finefeed filled the brief by a country mile.

“The plant was easy to dry down and cured quickly so it stayed green. And the bales smell beautiful – lovely and sweet, fresh with no mould. Finefeed has low seed head and the bales have excellent presentation. Everyone’s happy with it, especially the horses.”

For Boots, a happy farmer is the best result. “This is the best feedback I’ve ever had from a farmer. When you get this kind of positive testimonial from growers you feel empowered and confident in the variety and all the data and research that goes into developing it. You’re on an absolute winner with Valley Seeds’ Finefeed.” Read Finefeed’s technical specs >>here<< and your regional business manager will be happy to give you more details, so please reach out to them directly.