proactive whole farm pasture solutions with phil williams

Valley Seeds’ Coastal NSW regional business manager Phil Williams reckons there’s something special about his team.

“There’s no salesperson on the sales team, we’re all agros, specialists and nutritionists so unlike other seed companies we’re not there purely to sell. We’re there to advise and support growers to select the best product for their environment. Our reputation is everything and we stand by our Valley Seeds product 100%.”

Helping farmers plan and make good decisions and build long-term relationships is important to Phil. A seasoned agronomist with decades of experience in the Australian irrigation, animal nutrition and dairy industries, Phil’s purpose is to help farmers be “proactive not reactive.”

“When you plan properly you know what you’re going to do. When you see people who make it happen at the right time whatever the conditions, they’re going to get a good pasture.”

Phil understands both sides of the counter and has worked with customers in every extreme – flood, drought, tough seasons, excellent seasons. This deep understanding of people and the land underpins Phil’s passion for agriculture and determination to use his considerable skills to help farmers be as successful as possible.

“This is important to me. I don’t just sell seed I follow the process with growers from start to finish and provide support and training along the way with advice and my observations.”

Phil says growers can rely on Valley Seeds varieties. “What we say is in the bag, is in the bag.” He also rates the transparent process from a cutting-edge R&D program, through to rigorous data collection and analysis.

“We stick to the program and our varieties are authentic. All our data is managed and analysed externally which means our results are truly independent. We stand by them and we have integrity which is very important to me.”

So, what does a successful farmer look like? Phil is clear “Happy! When you plan ahead properly, you’re not stressed over things you have no control over. When I work with farmers to prep and plan, I know I’m doing everything in my power to help get their timing right and as close to optimal as possible. And this is what makes me happy!”


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