Acidic soil & heavy grazing tolerant with 1.5m root depth? It’s OUR new amplify phalaris!

Amplify Phalaris

Amplify Phalaris was the talk of our 2023 Field Day, so what’s the buzz? It’s simple. We’ve made Australia’s leading temperate perennial grass even better.

Deep-rooted perennial Amplify Phalaris is a fantastic product and we’ve got lots in stock. Good news for you, and your customers.

So, why is the industry so excited about Valley Seeds’Amplify phalaris? It’s tough and when managed well, Amplify happily yields long-term perennial pasture in hostile soil, and is a great all-rounder across the seasons. Amplify has excellent seedling vigour and low toxicity in alkaloids (not common in old cultivars) and thrives in waterlogged and acidic soils.

We planted Amplify at our Yarck demonstration field site two years ago in soil with a 4.2 pH and calcium chloride. Business Manager Andrew ‘Boots’ Harborne says “In anyone’s language, that means extreme acidity and it also means associated high aluminium. This is really hostile soil.“

The trial site has been repeatedly slashed back, with grazing ready re-growth emerging within two weeks. Boots recommends keeping Amplify pasture low “It thrives on hard grazing and will finish fattening and backgrounding your livestock.”

And sheep and cattle love Amplify! Boots says “It has a beautiful, clean leaf, with no disease or rust. It’s one of those plants that will produce high-quality feed in autumn, winter and into early spring.”

And if your conditions aren’t favourable, Amplify will shut down and survive hot, dry summers. It’s a fighter!

“A well-managed phalaris sub clover pasture is a bread-and-butter staple for graziers in southern Australia. Our Amplify phalaris pasture gives you excellent value, for long-term performance.” Andrew ‘Boots’ Harborne, Valley Seeds Southern NSW regional business manager

Watch Boots describing the benefits of Amplify Phalaris here, read the technical specs on our website. Your regional business manager will be happy to give you more details about Amplify Phalaris, so please reach out to them directly.

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Andrew ‘Boots’ Harborne on Amplify Phalaris