Meet Tariq Gerardi, your new local business manager and ag advisor

Your business has a new asset, and his name is Tariq Gerardi!

If you joined our Field Day in Yarck a few weeks ago, chances are you’d have walked the trial sites with Tariq. As a highly experienced Ag Scientist and tech guru, Tariq has been a key member of our R&D team for the past year, a role he’ll balance with the new sales position.
Tariq brings to the table an extensive knowledge of broad acre cropping, and new and improved pasture varieties that are right for our local environment – great news for our Central Victorian customers.

Tariq enjoys meeting customers in person and says “Hearing different views, learning and being part of a growing and intuitive business is a great opportunity – I’m excited to bring Valley’s fantastic pasture portfolio, and my scientific knowledge into the field. And I’m a super keen fly fisherman, so living and working in such a beautiful location has its benefits too!”

Energetic and knowledgeable, Tariq offers new skills and a fresh perspective to local business. If you have any questions about our product, or want to know more about how Valley Seeds can support you, please feel free to reach out to Tariq.

Tariq Gerardi

Regional Business Manager & Technical Development Lead

Central Eastern VIC

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