Cashback until feb 15


Valley Seeds has launched a Cash Back campaign for Australian Farmers to get a head start on 2023.

Until 15 February 2023, when buying 20 bags or more of Amplify Allrounder or 40 bags or more of Amazing Quickfeed via a retailer, farmers will receive a minimum of $400 in cash back* from Valley Seeds.

For every bag of Amplify Allrounder purchased above 20, you’ll receive a further $20 Cash Back per bag, and for every bag of Amazing Quickfeed purchased above 40, you’ll receive a further $10 Cash Back per bag.

Amplify Allrounder is a premium perennial blend of Amplify Phalaris and mid maturity sub clovers suitable for 450 mm and above rainfall areas, whilst Amazing Quickfeed is a blend of Amazon T Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass and Achieve Diploid Italian Ryegrass.

These blends work exceptionally well in a range of conditions, including flood-affected pastures.

Redemption is easy. Simply upload a proof of purchase receipt to the campaign’s online redemption form, and the Valley Seeds team will then transfer the cash to your nominated account!