Andrew RaitT’s Winning custom blend for High-Quality hay!

Echuca farmer Andrew Raitt says our ryegrass custom blend of Italians and Clover is the best he’s ever grown.

“Local farmers and agents see the paddocks and want to buy our hay. They say “Wow, great grass! When farmers come back the next year wanting our hay again you know you’ve got it right.”

Andrew says the quality of the hay is exceptional. ”It’s sweet, ferments well, and is full of nutrients. And the proof’s in the cattle, they’re very happy.”

Last Autumn Andrew put in 30 acres of our Amass, Achieve and Shaftal blended ryegrass seed. He saw a Valley Seeds post on Facebook and contacted Andrew Wood, one of our team of agronomists for advice on which seed would be the best for his Goulburn region property.

Andrew Raitt says “Valley’s agronomy and technical support is amazing. My mantra is get good advice and follow it, it’s not rocket science!”

Andrew Wood is our Northern Victoria and Gippsland Regional Manager. He has a rare mix of decades of experience in animal nutrition and a deep understanding of the dairy industry. Andrew did a farm walk around the property and recommended the ryegrass blend based on the condition of the paddocks and what Andrew Raitt wanted out of his pasture.

“Andrew’s pasture management is excellent and this supports the rest of the program” Andrew Woods says. “He prepared the soil by fertilising at the same time as ploughing in gypsum and lime. He also gets his stock grazing right by grazing the paddocks off and then rotating.” This in addition to the soil preparation sets the pastures up for success.

Andrew Raitt says the pasture growth and density were strong and persistent through the growing season. “I baled a lot of hay to feed my livestock and sold some off. We’re very happy with the quality and the cows are loving it and in very good condition. They’re smashing it!

And when asked why he’ll put Valley Seeds’ pasture in this year Andrew says the answer is simple. “Because it works! It does exactly what it says it does – it’s like cooking, when you get the recipe right don’t change things.”