Amplify Allrounder. The phalaris and subclover blend that lives up to its name.

What does it take to turn a degraded, waterlogged paddock into productive pasture? It can be as simple as selecting the right pasture variety and having a well-thought-out whole farm pasture management plan in place.

Mick Parsons had a problem. His main feed paddock was choked with Bentgrass (a highly aggressive low-quality grass that’s hard to eradicate) and waterlogged after a very wet season. The NSW Southern Tablelands and Kia Ora Limousin breeder wanted to fix his exhausted paddock and establish a reliable pasture to bale, and graze his champion cattle on.

Needing expert advice, Mick contacted his local Valley Seeds business manager and agronomist Andrew ‘Boots’ Harborne and what happened next changed everything.

Mick says “My experience with Andrew on the pasture management plan was very good. He has a huge amount of knowledge and I would definitely work with him again.”

Andrew explains they started by putting together a strong plan to prepare and manage the pasture. “The paddock is in a nice part of the property but had been dominated by Bentgrass for three years so it was in pretty bad shape.”

“We’ve been working on the paddock since last Autumn. To prepare, we used a knockdown herbicide to get on top of the weeds.” Andrew then put together an integrated weed management and soil fertility program.

“We needed to build the soil’s fertility. It had low pH so we introduced liming and agro plowing to help break up the compacted soil.” Andrew says they sprayed the paddock twice, limed, then fertilised and top dressed. The foundations were right and in March/April 2023 Mick sowed the 12 hectares with Amplify Allrounder and two subs all-rounder (12kg per hectare).

Andrew selected Valley Seeds’ Amplify Allrounder as it closely filled Mick’s brief. The perennial phalaris improves soil fertility, has good cool season production, and an acid-tolerant root system.

Its deep roots make Amplify pasture drought and water logging tolerant with late spring production and summer dormancy. It has good compatibility with sub-clovers and is an easy option for management and grazing.

After sowing his 12 hectares Mick still had a problem. An extremely wet winter meant he couldn’t plan the next two sprays; the first to remove Toad Rush and a second to suppress whatever remained and allow the pasture to thrive. Andrew explains “The clover then went crazy and worked really well and the pasture was looking great.” Mick got so excited at the fantastic-looking pasture he decided to cut for hay and then graze it a bit too early in the season.

Andrew says that even though Mick didn’t adhere to best practice with the pasture management plan, the pasture bounced back. “It shows how important early planning is. Mick’s set up with a drought and water-tolerant paddock that’s easy to manage. He has a persistent performance base to run from.”

Three weeks ago, Mick called Andrew. “He said the paddock’s gone mad come and look. It’s gone really, really well. Mick says the clover is amazing and phalaris excellent. He’s very impressed with the strike and reckons Amplify Allrounder is worth the initial investment because the long-term plant has such great resilience.”

Andrew says that planning ahead and getting the soil fertility and ripping rate right (25cm) has given Mick “A fair bit of slack. It was a really wet and weedy paddock but it will keep improving trackability as the plants establish their root system and pump water.”

Amplify Allrounder lives up to its name. It establishes well in tough environments and with a good pasture management plan offers growers a high yield perennial phalaris with subclovers to increase feed quality.

Our breeding programs, agronomic advice and customer relations are the focus of everything we do, but at the end of the day, everything comes down to what growers think.

So what does Mick say? “The cuts have been great and our cattle have put on weight and look terrific. We’ve had a really, really good result with the Amplify Allrounder pasture.”

To learn more about Valley Seeds’ Amplify Allrounder and hear how our team of agronomists, soil and nutrition experts can help you with a farm management plan, contact your local Valley Seeds Business Manager.