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Fastfeed Ryecorn

VALLEY SEEDS Fastfeed Tech Sheet.pdf
VALLEY SEEDS Fastfeed Tech Sheet.pdf

The fastest feed out of the ground!

  • Cereal ryecorn has the capacity to produce more autumn and early winter feed than other cereal species

  • Fastfeed germinates very rapidly and out performs oats in autumn and winter

  • Can be sown deeper than ryegrass and therefore can source residual moisture to get a head start on autumn rains

  • Ideal for producing large amounts of quality silage

  • Advantageous lower sowing rate compared to many other cereals

Quick Facts

Annual cereal fodder crop

Sow for fast autumn bulk feed

Fast germination for early sowing and fast feed

Green manure option as straight or part of a blend

More early feed than oats

Grows well on most soil types including acidic soils

Sowing rate 60-80kg/ha

Australian bred and grown

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