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Ezigraze Grazing Oat

EziGraze Usage - horses, sheep, goats, dairy, beef, alpaca, bale and rolls
Ezigraze with detail

The forage oat which is Easy to Graze

  • Bred and grown in Australia for variable conditions
  • An advantageous cross between a winter and spring type oat resulting in a cereal which is versatile and robust
  • EziGraze is densely tillered and finer leafed than spring oats
  • It can be planted earlier in the season without the concern of going to head
  • The grazing management of EziGraze is similar to that of a ryegrass
  • It can be grazed from 15cm in height to 5cm whereas spring oats require special grazing management of 25cm before grazing down to 10cm

Dry matter yield data

Ezigraze Visual Total Drymatter Yields
Graph 1 : Visual Total Dry Matter Yields
EziGraze Total KG of Dry Matter per Hectare
Graph 2: EziGraze Total Dry Matter Yields
EziGraze Rust resistance
Graph 3: Rust Resistance Scores, Grafton, NSW


Grazing oat

Fast bulk feed

Easy to manage

Spring x winter oat

Early sowing option for dry autumns

Suited to a wide range of soil types

For use in paddock cleaning programs

Rainfall 500mm+

Sow in autumn

Sowing rate 80-100kg/ha

Australian bred and grown

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