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Ability Continental Tall Fescue

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VALLEY SEEDS Ability application
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A newly Australian bred continental tall fescue to suit Australian farming requirements

  • Bred and grown in Australia

  • Selected for increased seedling vigour, allowing the plants to get established before soil temperature drops and weed competition becomes an issue.

  • It has a high level of rust resistance, early on and late in the season, making it suitable for a wide range of environments.

  • Early heading date to allow for less aftermath heading and a return to vegetative growth as quickly as possible.

  • Italian ryegrass background to increase digestibility.

  • The leaves are finer and it has a shorter seed head for improved palatability.

  • Strong growth in the autumn when feed is in short supply. Strong growth in the early spring to recover from cold winters.

Dry matter yield data

VALLEY SEEDS Ability Tech Sheet
Graph 1. Continental Tall Fescue Breeders Trial Total Dry Matter Yields, Yarck 2014.
VALLEY SEEDS Ability Tech Sheet Graph 2
Graph 2. Continental Tall Fescue Breeders Trial Visual Scoring, Yambuk 2017.


Continental tall fescue

Exceptional seedling vigour

High level of rust resistance

Finer leaf for increased palatability

Strong autumn/early spring growth

Background breeding of Italian ryegrass to improve digestibility

Early – Mid heading

Rainfall 600mm+ or irrigation

Sowing rate 12-25kg/ha

Australian bred and grown

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