Lawn & TURF

    The Lawn and Turf team at Valley Seeds is part of a national supply network that is growing hundreds of thousands of beautiful, lush, durable lawns across Australia.

    In fact, we’re proud to be the largest producer of lawn seed in the country.

    The same scientists that are developing quality pastures for Australian farmers are also producing various lawn products for communities and households, distributed through major retailers, including Coles.

    The unrivaled experience and expertise of Valley Seeds with growing and producing seed, specifically developed for the Australian climate and environment, is drawn upon for the inclusion of these guides to sowing, growing, and maintaining a lawn that will be the envy of your neighbourhood.


    Whether you’re planting a new lawn or repairing patches, our residential lawn blends are hardy, fast-growing, and easy to maintain.


    Tailored to Australia’s harsh climate, our products are reliable when it comes to keeping your community green spaces lush and inviting all year round and maintenance requirements to a minimum.


    Our innovative products have been developed to thrive in Australia’s varying landscapes, with a range of cost-effective solutions specifically designed for your latest project.

    Lawn Guides

    After Sowing Maintenance

    In areas with dry summer conditions watering over summer will assist in maintaining a dense cover of grass. Start watering well before you see visible signs of the grass drying off or discolouration. A maintenance application of lawn “food” fertiliser should be applied at the recommended rate approximately 8 weeks after germination, or when most

    Over-sowing Old Lawn

    Simply rake and sow. Mow the area to a low height and rake off any surplus grass. Rake over the area using a steel rake or heavy plastic rake, enough to create some loose soil. Spread starter fertiliser. Spread seed. Rake over again to incorporate seed and fertilise with some loose soil. Keep the area

    Step by Step Sowing Summary

    For new areas that need levelling: Cultivate, rake and level the area to be sown. Leave the area for 10-14 days or at least a sufficient time to achieve a germination of weed seeds present in the top soil. Spray a non-selective herbicide, such as glyphosate, to kill off the initial germination which has occurred

    Turf Guides

    Turf Seed

    Valley Seeds has been providing specialist products and services to the turf seed industry since 1972 and has a range of products specially designed for sporting grounds and the Australian climate. Our turf varieties have been assessed for: Colour Disease resistance Tolerance Drought tolerance Heat tolerance Mowability: quality and height.

    Kikuyu – a low maintenance option for lawns and turf

    If you’re in a warm climate and looking for a low-maintenance lawn or turf grass that handles full sun, Kikuyu could be a good choice. Kikuyu is a warm season tropical species so it is most vigorous in the summer. In southern parts of Australia it is susceptible to damage by frost. Take care as

    Caring for sports fields over summer

    Looking after your grass coverage over summer can be a difficult task especially in the tough Australian climate. The first thing to know is the growing features and benefits of using certain grass species. Summer sport in Australia is dominated by cricket. Most cricket players like hitting “fours” and to make this easier they want