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Whether it’s your piece of paradise at home or space reserved for pets and backyard cricket, Australians value lush, green lawns.

Australian grown to thrive in Australian conditions, our residential turf and lawn blends are hardy, fast-growing, and easy to maintain – perfect for new lawns and patch repairs. 

Valley Seeds turf and lawn products are available through major retailers.

Lawn Guides

Spring Lawn Maintenance

Spring is a time of peak growth for your lawn. This is when new springshoots burst forth, forming the basis for a thick, healthy lawn as we headinto the warmer months. At this time of year, your lawn needs plenty ofsunlight for photosynthesis, and the right nutrient and moisture levels tosupport growth. Let in the
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After Sowing Maintenance

In areas with dry summer conditions watering over summer will assist in maintaining a dense cover of grass. Start watering well before you see visible signs of the grass drying off or discolouration. A maintenance application of lawn “food” fertiliser should be applied at the recommended rate approximately 8 weeks after germination, or when most
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Over-sowing Old Lawn

Simply rake and sow. Mow the area to a low height and rake off any surplus grass. Rake over the area using a steel rake or heavy plastic rake, enough to create some loose soil. Spread starter fertiliser. Spread seed. Rake over again to incorporate seed and fertilise with some loose soil. Keep the area
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