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    Valley Seeds is one of the country’s largest commercial seed breeders, part of a national supply network that is growing beautiful, lush, durable lawns across Australia.

    Scientifically produced for the harsh Australian climate, our range offers local councils custom solutions for roadsides, parks, gardens, and sports grounds.

    Valley Seeds’ turf and lawn products are designed with disease resistance and drought tolerance in mind, providing reliability when it comes to keeping your community green spaces lush and inviting all year round, and maintenance requirements to a minimum.

    Valley Seeds’ custom blends option also allows you to combine varieties for the ultimate personalised turf blend. This service allows the matching of blends to differing soil types and conditions across different landscapes.

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    Sports fields

    Three Way Blend

    A blend of the world’s best turf type fine leafed perennial ryegrasses for high-grade footy & cricket ovals. This blend is mostly used for oversowing existing ovals where the best quality surface is required.

    Top Pitch

    Cricket Wickets and Tennis courts need the ability to persist under low mowing heights. This blend fits that basic requirement while also being hard wearing.


    Oversow existing multi-purpose ovals for higher winter growth


    Hardy winter active blend for low maintenance ovals. A very fast to establish blend where little or no watering is possible.

    Parks and Gardens

    Survive Park Blend

    This blend has enhanced drought tolerance with the addition of couchgrass. Couch is s summer growing species that is very wear tolerant. Ideal for hot climates where water is limited.
    Camel Perennial Ryegrass
    Annual Ryegrass
    Red Fescue
    Unhulled Couch

    Kikuyu Plus

    Kikuyu Plus is designed for ultra low maintenance areas such as holiday houses by the coast. Kikuyu is an aggressive creeping grass which is combined with Camel perennial ryegrass to assist in keeping the lawn green in cold and frosty weather.
    Annual Ryegrass


    Quality drought tolerant blend for lawns and general landscaping which includes Kentucky bluegrass to aid in patch repair.
    Camel Perennial Ryegrass
    Annual Ryegrass
    Kentucky Bluegrass
    Red Fescue

    Fescue Plus

    Best sown in autumn this blend includes the latest high quantity Tall fescue, a deep rooted species that, once established has the ability to persists even after short period of no irrigation. It also contains Kentucky bluegrass for year round self repair.
    Turf Type Tall Fescue
    Kentucky Bluegrass
    Annual Ryegrass

    Turf Guides

    Turf Seed

    Valley Seeds has been providing specialist products and services to the turf seed industry since 1972 and has a range of products specially designed for sporting grounds and the Australian climate. Our turf varieties have been assessed for: Colour Disease resistance Tolerance Drought tolerance Heat tolerance Mowability: quality and height.
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    Kikuyu – a low maintenance option for lawns and turf

    If you’re in a warm climate and looking for a low-maintenance lawn or turf grass that handles full sun, Kikuyu could be a good choice. Kikuyu is a warm season tropical species so it is most vigorous in the summer. In southern parts of Australia it is susceptible to damage by frost. Take care as
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    Caring for sports fields over summer

    Looking after your grass coverage over summer can be a difficult task especially in the tough Australian climate. The first thing to know is the growing features and benefits of using certain grass species. Summer sport in Australia is dominated by cricket. Most cricket players like hitting “fours” and to make this easier they want
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