Step by Step Sowing Summary

For new areas that need levelling:

  1. Cultivate, rake and level the area to be sown.
  2. Leave the area for 10-14 days or at least a sufficient time to achieve a germination of weed seeds present in the top soil.
  3. Spray a non-selective herbicide, such as glyphosate, to kill off the initial germination which has occurred during the seed bed preparation.
  4. Sow seed 24-48 hours after the application of the herbicide. At this stage the surface may have a hard crust on top. If this is the case, rake over the area using a steel rake or light harrows to loosen the surface.
  5. Spread a lawn starter fertiliser such as MAP at the recommended rate.
  6. Sow seed after the fertiliser. To sow seed, spread half in a north-south direction and half in an east-west direction. Rake again lightly. Avoid any further traffic and do not roll or tread the seed into the soil.
  7. Keep the area continuously moist until complete germination has occurred. In warm conditions, gentle watering may be required several times a day.