After Sowing Maintenance

In areas with dry summer conditions watering over summer will assist in maintaining a dense cover of grass.

Start watering well before you see visible signs of the grass drying off or discolouration.

A maintenance application of lawn “food” fertiliser should be applied at the recommended rate approximately 8 weeks after germination, or when most seedlings have reached a stage where each plant has 5 leaves. The type of fertiliser that should be selected for lawn food will have little or no phosphorus, high potash, high nitrogen plus trace elements.

The first mowing should take place at an approximate grass height of 80mm. During the first 12 months, grass should be kept to a maximum height of 100mm and a minimum height of 50mm. This will have the effect of encouraging the grasses to grow horizontally and provide a dense cover.

For many turf grass species, less frequent mowing will be required if the grass is kept to a minimum height of 50mm. If turf grass is not mown below 40mm your lawn should remain thick, require reduced water usage, and last longer. Over the first 12 months, any significant infestation of broadleaf weeds should be controlled by applying selective broadleaf herbicides. Advice on appropriate herbicides should be obtained and directions for use followed precisely.