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Achieve Italian Ryegrass

Achieve Italian Ryegrass application
Achieve grass in paddock

An Australian bred Italian ryegrass taking on the best the rest of the world can offer

  • Bred and grown in Australia
  • Designed for local conditions with a unique breeding of 10% annual and 90% Italian
  • Later heading to maintain quality later into the season
  • Has the winter production of an annual with the later production of an Italian ryegrass
  • Able to grow in areas of low soil fertility due to its increased nutrient utilisation
  • Lodging prevented during hay and silage production as Achieve is a more upright variety
  • Has the ability to go through to the second year if the season is favourable
  • Selected for increased ability to recover from heavy grazing

Forage and dry matter yield data

Achieve graph
Graph 1: Italian Ryegrass Trial, Yarck, VIC, 2017.
Achieve Graph 2
Graph 2: Forage Italian Ryegrass Rust Screening Trial Scores, Grafton NSW, 2009


Diploid Italian Ryegrass

True Italian with late heading

Maintains quality late into season

Extra tillers ensure superior recovery from grazing

Survives into the second year with favourable conditions

High spring production

Ideal for grazing, hay or silage

Strong rust resistance

Rainfall 450mm+ or irrigation

Sow in autumn

Sowing rate 25-30kg/ha

Australian bred and grown

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