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Expert advice leads to forage success

By his own admission, Chris Hunter has been a ‘perennial pasture man’ for 40 or 50 years. Now, he’s changing his mind.

Chris runs an agistment property, providing quality grazing for dairy cattle.

In March 2020, Chris sowed four separate areas, using a range of Valley Seeds varieties and blends, including the very successful combination of Hobson Rape and Finefeed Annual Ryegrass.

Water allocation and rain at just the right time have ensured good growth and quality.

At 10 weeks from sowing, the Hobson Rape and Finefeed plots were knee-deep in great feed.

“It’s a fantastic result. Sam Wright from Valley Seeds and Maurie Finn from Finns Country Supplies worked with me to put a plan in place. At the time it all seemed very routine.

This was at the start of the Covid-19 situation in Australia. Chemicals and seed were becoming difficult to get, but these guys are experts and it showed. They put everything in place so that when the rain came at just the right time, we were ready.”

Fifteen weeks after sowing, agisted stock were grazing on regrowth – and loving it.

Chris couldn’t be happier. ”I’ve had two lots of 50-60 head of dairy cattle strip grazing.

“Planning got me here. My father always listened to experts and I do the same. I could have gone to the store and just bought whatever was available. Getting help made sure I had the right variety and the right advice about sowing rates and timing.”

“Seeing how the Finefeed has gone, I’ve opened up to the possibilities of diploid annual ryegrass. It’s a fantastic result. I’m very impressed.”

farmer and agronomist in field of forage brassica
Chris Hunter (l) says he relies on experts like Sam Wright from Valley Seeds (r) to help him get the most from his pasture and forage.

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