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    Amplify yields 10% more than market leading varieties. It’s the best choice for any farmer who wants to produce more dry matter yield in winter or spring.

    – Anthony Leddin, Plant Breeder


    Amplify is a great all-rounder that thrives in waterlogged and acid soils.

    This hardy deep-rooted perennial produces high winter forage yields and adapts to extreme summer conditions.

    A long-term perennial pasture that gives you increased seedling vigour and low toxicity in alkaloids

    Amplify is a smart choice for growers who want a reliable and high yield, long term perennial pasture. Suitable for sheep, beef, and dairy.

    Quick Facts

    • Early- Mid maturity
    • Rainfall 500mm +
    • Sowing rate 2-8kg/ha
    • Autumn sowing
    • Low alkaloids
    Note: New packaging will not be available until 2023.

    Note: New packaging will not be available until 2023.

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    Custom Blends

    Understanding that every livestock farmer has their own unique on-farm challenges and goals, Amplify phalaris is the ideal option as part of a custom blend to deliver high winter and spring forage, mixed with annual clovers. Speak to your Driscoll Ag agronomist about a custom blend designed for your paddock.