Custom Blends

Our custom blending services prioritise understanding the uniqueness of each farm, including its soil quality, climate conditions, and other factors that influence its productivity.

We know that your farm needs can change with seasonal forecasts, and our goal is to provide the right blend that maximises production value while aligning with your farm’s renovation and improvement plan.

To achieve this, we offer a variety of ways to create blends that best suit your specific requirements. We offer the flexibility for you to design your own blend or work closely with our in-house agronomy team.

We also welcome the opportunity for collaborations with your trusted agronomist or insightful neighbours, who truly understand you and your farm’s unique requirements and challenges. When we combine their expertise with ours, we create a precise custom blend that consistently yields optimal results.

In addition to customising your blend, you also have the option to incorporate treatments or coatings to compliment it perfectly. This can provide additional benefits such as enhanced plant growth, protection against pests, and prevention of diseases.

Curious to explore our custom blending options? Don’t wait! Early identification of your pasture improvement plan and having seed ready to go is key to your ongoing success!

Get in touch with your local business development manager (details on back cover), so we can start growing together, today.

Custom Blend


Andrew RaitT’s Winning custom blend for High-Quality hay!

Echuca farmer Andrew Raitt says our ryegrass custom blend of Italians and Clover is the best he’s ever grown. “Local farmers and agents see the paddocks and want to buy our hay. They say “Wow,

Amplify Allrounder. The phalaris and subclover blend that lives up to its name.

What does it take to turn a degraded, waterlogged paddock into productive pasture? It can be as simple as selecting the right pasture variety and having a well-thought-out whole farm pasture management plan in place.

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