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The importance of soil-to-seed contact

by David Phelps It could be said that the most critical factor influencing germination is soil-to-seed contact. Different sowing and seeding techniques are suited to different situations. For example, where the landscape is level and relatively free of obstacles, conventional, minimum-till and no-till should be adequate. Where obstacles pose a problem, aerial seeding and seed broadcasting may be more effective methods to achieve [...]
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How to look after your lawn in summer

As Australians we love our lawns but keeping it nice and green throughout our ever increasingly hot summers can be a real task! Here are some tips on how to keep your grass looking lush and green throughout this testing time of year. Watering Throughout the hot periods, ensure you’re watering your lawn early in the morning [...]
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Get the most from your silage

Silage is an excellent way to assist in cleaning paddocks from weed seeds when non-desired species have gone to head. It also a great way to conserve feed which may otherwise lose quality and become rank. You can grow crops specifically for silage or make silage from pasture where there is a surplus of feed that you cannot graze. [...]
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The benefits of brassicas

If you’re looking for rapid weight gain in your stock and an effective approach to productive pasture management, Hobson Rape can be an excellent choice. Great for weight gain Valley Seeds Hobson Rape has exceptional palatability - one of the reasons this Australian grown cultivar is used by farmers all over the world for human and animal consumption. Quick growing, you’ll be grazing [...]
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