If you’re chasing high winter production and long season growth, Achieve can do this for you. The ultimate ‘all rounder’ across changing environments. 

– Anthony Leddin, Plant Breeder


Achieve is a diploid Italian ryegrass that has been developed
for improved winter production and faster establishment.
Achieve has later season maturity for high spring yields and is
ideal for grazing, silage and hay.

It has excellent rust resistance, and its upright growth habit prevents lodging during hay and silage production.

It is suitable for all livestock types and has the ability to recover from heavy grazing.

Quick Facts

  • Diploid Italian ryegrass
  • Late maturity, +12 days
  • Rainfall +450mm or irrigation
  • Sowing rate 20-25kg/ha
  • High spring production
  • Finer stems for quality hay and silage
  • Second year production under favourable conditions
Note: New packaging will not be available until 2023.

Note: New packaging will not be available until 2023.

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Custom Blends

Understanding that every livestock farmer has their own unique on-farm challenges and goals, Achieve is the ideal option as part of a custom blend to deliver high winter and spring forage, mixed with annual clovers. Speak to your Costello Rural agronomist about a custom blend designed for your paddock.