Growing productive pastures means using proven seed. Get a head start on 2023 with Valley Seeds’ cashback offer.

Until 15 February 2023, when you buy 20 bags or more of our Amplify Allrounder or 40 bags or more of Amazing Quickfeed , you’ll receive a minimum of $400 in cash back.* Only while stocks last.

These blends work exceptionally well in a range of conditions, including flood affected pastures.

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1.Place an order through your nearest retailer before 15 February 2023*

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Amplify Allrounder

Amplify Allrounder is a premium perennial blend of Amplify phalaris and mid maturity sub clovers suitable for 450 mm and above rainfall areas. Where other grasses struggle in wet, acidic conditions, Amplify Phalaris offers high yield with sub clovers to increase feed quality. 

Amplify Phalaris
Valley Sub Clover Blend

Amplify Allrounder

Purchase a minimum of 20 x 25kg bags of Amplify Allrounder (500kg), and receive $400 Cash Back.

For every bag purchased thereafter, you receive
$20 Cash Back per bag.

Amazing Quickfeed

Amazing Quick Feed blend is a blend of Amazon T Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass and Achieve Diploid Italian Ryegrass. It has strong rust resistance, great for grazing and beautiful quality hay and silage. It’s a great option for over-sowing into Setaria and Kikuyu and degraded flood affected pastures.

Amazon T Annual Ryegrass
Achieve Italian Ryegrass

Amazing QuickFeed

Purchase a minimum of 40 x 25kg bags of Amazing Quickfeed (1,000kg), and receive $400 Cash Back.

For every bag purchased thereafter, you receive
$10 Cash Back per bag.


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