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Get the most from your silage

Silage is an excellent way to assist in cleaning paddocks from weed seeds when non-desired species have gone to head. It also a great way to conserve feed which may otherwise lose quality and become rank. You can grow crops specifically for silage or make silage from pasture where there is a surplus of feed that you cannot graze. [...]
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Management for persistence of perennial ryegrass in marginal environments

The previous management for perennial ryegrass to improve persistence was to graze at the 2.5 to 3 leaf growth stage. The variability in the weather that we have experienced in the last decade has necessitated the development of a new grazing management system. In the first year of establishment of a perennial ryegrass farmers are encouraged by agronomists not to cut for hay. This is [...]
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Winter 2019 Newsletter

In this issue: Valley Seeds AAA program for early, mid and late pasture management; Management for persistence of perennial ryegrass in marginal environments; Rake and shake this winter for a great summer lawn; Meet the team – David Phelps

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