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Safeguard annual ryegrass


VALLEY SEEDS Safeguard Tech Sheet.pdf
VALLEY SEEDS Safeguard Tech Sheet.pdf

Safeguard – resistant to cereal cyst nematode, the only winter grazing grass that can be safely used in a cropping rotation

  • Bred and grown in Australia

  • Designed for livestock producers in districts with short growing seasons

  • Safeguard pasture rotation grass is the only ARGT resistant variety available

  • Trials have proven that Safeguard can reduce nematode multiplication by up to 90%

  • An early flowering cross between Guard and westerwolds ryegrass. It has excellent winter yield, and vigorous, leafy growth characteristics

  • The forage quality of Safeguard annual ryegrass is better than cereals when made into hay. It is good insurance to have a paddock of Safeguard to cut for hay if the season finishes early

  • Safeguard provides the most sustainable long term control of ARGT nematode by biological means in the lower rainfall cropping areas of WA and South Australia

Image 1: Re-growth of Safeguard (on left) after self re-seeding compared to natural Wimmera ryegrass in dry cropping area of Lake Grace, W.A.
VALLEY SEEDS Safeguard Graph
Graph 1: Combatting ARGT through the use of Safeguard ryegrass, Ballidu, W.A. 2004, Ballidu Woolpro Group (Liebe Group) & Western Australian Department of Agriculture and Food.


Diploid annual ryegrass

High winter forage yields

Very early heading date

Annual ryegrass toxicity (nematode) resistant

Can be used in cropping rotation

Crop disease break for ‘Takeall’ or ‘Cereal Cyst Nematode’

No herbicide resistance to nonselective herbicides

Rainfall 400mm+

Sow in autumn

Sowing rate 8-20kg/ha

Australian bred and grown

Download the Safeguard management guide

Safeguard is an annual ryegrass with outstanding resistance to the nematode involved in causing annual ryegrass toxicity (ARGT).  Livestock grazing Safeguard pasture have a significantly reduced risk of developing the disease.

This management guide covers paddock preparation, sowing and grazing management. Download here.

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