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Finefeed diploid annual ryegrass

Finefeed Diploid Annual Ryegrass
Finefeed usage - cattle, sheep, horse, goat, llama, hay roll, hay bale
Finefeed trial plot

Finefeed – the new generation diploid ryegrass producing excellent quality feed

  • Selected for fine leaves and high tiller density which makes it ideal for recovery after heavy grazing
  • Strong emergence which can assist survival when false autumn breaks occur
  • High spring Dry Matter Yield with a late heading date makes it suitable for grazing, silage or hay
  • Finefeed is a more upright variety therefore improving utilisation under grazing or preventing lodging when being made into hay or silage
  • Fine feed has been carefully screened in high rust level areas in Australia to ensure outstanding rust resistance
  • Selected for increased nutrient efficiency to allow better growth under lower soil fertility

Dry matter yield data

Finegreed graph showing total dry matter by month
Graph 1: Total Dry Matter
Finefeed Total Annual Dry Matter
Graph 2: Finefeed Total Annual Dry Matter
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Diploid annual ryegrass

Finer leafed ryegrass for increased quality and palatability/span>

Quality feed with strong spring yields

Suitable for grazing, hay or silage

Late heading

Improved rust resistance to older varieties

Rainfall 550mm+ or irrigation

Sow in autumn

Rainfall 550mm+

Sow in autumn

Sowing rate 20-25kg/ha

Australian bred and grown

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