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Eclipse Select Ryegrass

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VALLEY SEEDS Eclipse Tech Sheet.pdf
VALLEY SEEDS Eclipse Tech Sheet.pdf

Eclipse Select Italian ryegrass combines improved disease resistance with higher winter herbage production

  • Bred and grown in Australia

  • Designed for local conditions with a unique cross of 25% annual and 50% Italian ryegrass

  • Provides high winter and early spring growth

  • Finer leaves than a tetraploid ryegrass producing dense, higher quality feed

  • Selected from superior lines of Eclipse for increased herbage and disease resistance

  • Varieties with annual and Italian, like Eclipse select, do well in a variable climate making them the ‘all-rounder’ of the ryegrasses

  • More upright variety therefore improving utilisation under grazing or reducing lodging when being made into silage

Forage and dry matter data

VALLEY SEEDS Eclipse Tech Sheet Graph 1
Graph 1. Forage Italian Ryegrass Trial Dry Matter Yields, Yambuk 2009.
VALLEY SEEDS Eclipse Tech Sheet Graph 2
Graph 2: Italian Ryegrass Trial, Yarck, VIC 2015
VALLEY SEEDS Eclipse Tech Sheet Graph 3
Graph 3: Italian Ryegrass Trial, Yambuk, VIC 2015
Eclipse Select Ryegrass logo


Diploid Italian ryegrass

Hybrid between annual and short-term ryegrass

Fine leafed ryegrass for increased quality

Improved rust resistance

Excellent palatability

Persistent under heavy grazing pressure

Strong winter and spring production

Mid to late heading

Greater later season growth than many other annuals

Rainfall 450mm+ or irrigation

Sow in autumn

Sowing rate 20-25kg/ha

Australian bred and grown

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