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Astound Annual Ryegrass

astound tetraploid ryegrass
VALLEY SEEDS Astound application
farmer standing in paddock of Astound

An annual ryegrass with Astounding seedling vigour and winter growth

  • Bred and grown in Australia for local conditions, Astound has been trialled in a range of locations across Australia with tremendous results.
  • Astound’s background breeding has resulted in a pasture which is fast out of the ground with exceptional winter production and early spring growth.
  • It is a large seeded pasture variety showing exceptional vigour in variable sowing conditions. It is ideal for over-sowing or mulching into existing pastures.
  • A high value silage and hay variety. Astound’s densely tillered broadleaves provide high quality bulk feed with quick recovery from grazing.
  • Investing in Astound will not only grow you extra feed, it is an investment in Australian pasture research and development and Australian seed producers.
  • Astound is a brilliant performer against other commercial and common varieties in a wide range of environments.


Tetraploid annual ryegrass

Winter/early spring feed

Ideal for silage and hay

Can be used to mulch into Kikuyu

Suited to a wide range of soil types

For dairy, beef, alpaca, goat and horse production

Nil toxicity

Strong rust resistance

Rainfall 450mm+ or irrigation

Sow in autumn

Sowing rate 25-40kg/ha

Australian bred and grown

Dry matter yield data

VALLEY SEEDS Astound Tech Sheet Total Dry Matter
Graph 1: Independent Dry Matter Results, MNC Agronomy, Taree, NSW 2016.
VALLEY SEEDS Astound Tech Sheet Graph 2
Graph 2: Annual Tetraploid Ryegrass Trial, Yambuk, VIC 2015.

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