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Aristocrat II Annual Ryegrass


This new Australian bred annual ryegrass has consistently out-yielded all other Annual and short term ryegrasses in grazing trials conducted by the QDPI over seven years.

  • High winter and early spring production in a wide range of climate.
  • High rust resistance.
  • High quality for late season hay or silage.
  • Higher total season growth than many short term ryegrasses in SE Australian environment.
  • Aristocrat II also has significantly higher total herbage yield than the next leading variety in Queensland trials.
  • Australian bred.

Aristocrat II was bred as part of a large department of primary industry breeding programme to improve heat tolerance as well as winter forage production that maintains quality growth through to late spring. This breeding programme incorporates genetics from South Africa with an emphasis on rust tolerance.


Rust trial at QDPI Gatton Qld 2008


DM Yield (kg/ha) trials of annual ryegrasses


Lardner (Gippsland) Trial – 2008


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