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Amazon T Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass

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VALLEY SEEDS Amazon T Tech Sheet

Amazon T is a tetraploid ryegrass which establishes quickly and produces a power of feed

  • Bred and grown in Australia

  • Selected for fast emergence which is beneficial when unreliable autumn breaks occur

  • Excellent rust resistance where high humidity in spring occurs

  • It is a true annual, producing most of its dry matter in winter/spring and therefore is ideal for double cropping with a summer crop

  • Its higher water soluble carbohydrates help it tolerate hotter temperatures at sowing and at the end of the season

  • Selected for increased nutrient efficiency under lower soil fertility

Dry matter yield data

VALLEY SEEDS Amazon T Trial Data
Graph 1: Autumn-Early Winter Establishment Yields, Annual Ryegrass Trial, MNC Agronomy, Taree, NSW 2018.
Graph 2: Tetraploid Annual Trial, Yarck, VIC 2017.
Graph 2: Tetraploid Annual Trial, Yarck, VIC 2017.
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Tetraploid annual ryegrass

Tetrapoid with a finer leaf than USA Tetila for increased quality

High winter and spring yields

Large seed for faster emergence and suited to uneven sowing conditions

Quality grazing, hay and silage option

High rust resistance

Mid heading

Rainfall 450mm+

Sow in autumn

Australian bred and grown

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