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    2022 the year to plan a bumper winter feed wedge

    In 2022, many farmers are seeing a good start to the season. For pasture producers, this is a perfect opportunity to renovate tired paddocks which have been overgrazed in the

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    Choosing the right ryegrass

    What do I need to consider when selecting a ryegrass for my farm?  Selecting the correct ryegrass for your enterprise is key to the success of your business.   Knowing the

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    Oversowing revives old pastures

    If you have gone through a dry summer, and have continuously grazed with stock, you may find that once the autumn rains come your pastures have lost some density. If

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    Sowing Guides

    At Valley seeds we strive to support our products beyond the bag by providing technical advice on how to best establish and manage pasture swards and forage crops.

    The following sowing guides provide in-depth information on each species-specific requirements for a successful establishment.

    Research And Development

    Valley Seeds is one of our nation’s largest commercial plant breeders.

    Finding answers to farmers’ questions is what the agronomy team does best.

    Significant capital investment into the R&D program means there is a continual, constant commitment to finding new and unique ways to breed, trial, and test the very best pasture for Australian farmers.