It’s time to upgrade

renew your pasture now

Selecting new pasture is a powerful management tool for improving production and profit from your farm. Choosing the most suitable cultivar, together with good preparation, establishment, and management, can provide dramatic success in farm production over unimproved weed infested pastures or poorly selected species or varieties.

Benefits of sowing new pastures include:

· Greater returns and profits

· Improved animal performance and productivity both per head and per hectare

· Improved feed quality

· Removal of weeds

· Improved utilisation of fertiliser inputs

· Improved pasture growth throughout the year and at critical “out of season” times

· Introduction of improved pasture genetics

· Removal of grasses containing toxins that cause animal health issues

· Take advantage of pasture growth to target optimum animal production and prices

The decline of pastures over time is a natural process and therefore cannot be avoided. The decline is caused by a combination of factors such as overgrazing, pugging, pests, disease, drought and weed infestation. As such, pasture renewal is important to maintain farm productivity.

But its been a good year, lots of rain and hay. Why would I consider pasture renewal? This is the perfect time to improve your pastures. There will be a lot of subsoil moisture that will help with a successful germination of the seed that you sow. This moisture will be vital for the success of slower germinating species such as lucerne, phalaris and cocksfoot.