Valley Seeds is an Australian-owned seed company focused on developing new pasture varieties for Australian farmers. It has scaled up its breeding program since 2007 when plant breeder Anthony Leddin joined the team, developing varieties to meet the specific demands of Australian farmers and the variable climatic conditions they face every year. 

    In 2021, AAG Investment Management facilitated a significant investment to introduce a new major shareholder, creating a new management structure and an injection of capital to turn the extensive research and development phase into the commercial phase. This exciting new chapter in Valley Seeds’ history brings with it a new management structure, a new CEO, an expanded distribution network, and revitalised branding.

    CEO, Paul Twine, in launching the new Valley Seeds brand and the associated re-engineering of the company explained:

    “One year in with Valley Seeds, I have seen the potential of the company’s plant breeding investment, a process that takes ten plus more years for each new variety. It is clear to me that our new and emerging varieties will deliver clear benefits to Australian growers and the network of agronomists that service them. 

    We introduced Amplify phalaris last autumn with increased volumes available for the next planting season. This coming season we will be introducing several new varieties that are proving to be high-performing ryegrasses, as well as other perennial grasses. In particular, I have been enthused by the response we have received from our retail partners, agronomists, and farmers on the arrival and emergence of our new varieties coming online, as well as their endorsement of our new growth strategies. 

    These strategies are all underpinned by a genuine commitment to working to help our partners build their own businesses, while continually supplying high-performing products that have been bred to deliver higher productivity and profits to Australian farmers.”   

    – Paul Twine


    The Valley Seeds scientists are partnering with leading-edge researchers to push the boundaries of technological transformation. This continual investment in research and development ensures our customers are delivered the very best of carefully selected traits from both the laboratory and the field.


    Anthony Leddin


    Sarah McMaster

    Technical Product Development Lead


    Mike Furness joins the team

    Valley Seeds welcomes Mike Furness as the new Regional Business Manager for Central and Western Victoria. Mike is an experienced business executive that has partnered with a broad range of customers throughout Australia. Mike has held roles in Category Management, Account / Business Development, and Regional Management within the corporate and agricultural industries.
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    Then, now, and tomorrow of Australian pastures

    Species selection for southern australia Authored by Anthony LeddinResearch MANAGER, Valley seeds IntroductionAustralia has a rich history of breeding and development in temperate pasture species. From early European settlement, the demand for more productive pasture species has led to a change from the native grasses that were dominant in the landscape to introduced temperate and
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    We have some exciting news to share. Our research assistant, Sarah McMaster, has accepted a promotion to Technical Product Development Lead.  Sarah’s new role will be our bridge from research and breeding to new product introductions and the early stages of product launch. We have 31 pipeline products we will be testing across 12 locations
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